1 Humanoid

We design from the bottom up. The HumanoidOS, will stand as a testament to innovation in robotics. This operating system is tailored to seamlessly synchronize with humanoid robots around the world, unlocking a realm of unparalleled performance and adaptability.
With a commitment to open development, Machani Robotics is ushering in a new era of robotics by sharing the HumanoidOS, fostering collaboration, and propelling the evolution of humanoid technology to unprecedented heights.


We see products from our work as the next step in the
human history – building machines to reduce danger,
repetition and physically difficult aspects of work.

1Humanoid Operating System

An open operating system on which users can build their own applications.

2Genesis: Humanoid SDK

We are redefining the landscape of humanoid development.


A comprehensive and secure solution for centralized global management of humanoids.